Your Perfect Guide to Maintaining an Efficient Marine Fuel System

If you are always in tune with your marine engine system, any slight miscommunication should raise an alarm. Basically, you need to ensure that all the engine mounts like fuel filters, the air deck ventilation system, oil filters, exhaust systems, hoses, and all others are in good condition.

Having a functional marine fuel system is one step ahead in securing a good serving engine. In essence, the fuel system has to pump enough fuel at the right intervals to the engine for the whole machine to operate. However, any misalignment can easily lead to a breakdown and calls for immediate attention.

Here are some quick maintenance facts of marine fuel systems to ensure a fully functional and efficient engine.

Pay Attention to Plastic Bowls

The marine fuel filter has plastic bowls that need to be checked from time to time to ensure they are in perfect condition. Luckily, new models of plastic bowls on the fuel filter system are being manufactured to withstand high temperatures, strong ultraviolet rays from the sun, and other external conditions. But let's be honest, plastic is a weak product, and is susceptible to constant wear and tear. Hence, make a routine check-up to inspect them for discolouration, haze, and deformation of any sort. If you notice any of these, have them replaced immediately.

Always Check the Parker Racor Bowl

For best engine function, the parker racor bowl should be tightly held to the oil filter. Therefore, before you go out for your boating ride, always check and tighten firmly by hand. Any loose connections can compromise fuel injection into the engine and gradually reduce its efficiency. 

It is not advisable to use strap wrenches when tightening the parker racor bowl. Basically, most of them have been designed for outdoor applications and due to their light nature, simple hand strength is enough to make them tight.

Regularly Check the Fuel Filter Element

Depending on the model and type of marine fuel filter you are using, check the lifespan recommendation and have it replaced when the time elapses. In addition, check if there are any signs of rust on the element and any sediments on the contaminant bowl. If you notice any of these, have them replaced immediately.

Fuel filters are among the most sensitive engine mounts for marine systems. Hence, always have a spare as anything, like one tank full of bad fuel, can affect their function. Look into marine engine mounts for more information.