4 Reasons to Buy an Electric Bike Rather than a Conversion Kit

Electric bikes offer everything from increased range to added performance, so it isn't hard to see why they have been growing in popularity. Of course, there are two main options to consider when you want an electrically-powered bike. You can either buy a new electric bike or convert a traditional bike to use electric power. 

While conversion kits certainly offer some advantages, most people find that pre-built electric bikes make more sense. Here are just four reasons why.

1. Convenience

Probably the most obvious benefit of buying a new electric bike instead of using a conversion kit is that everything is far simpler. While it's not like you need an engineering degree to fit a traditional bike with a conversion kit, you will need to perform some mechanical work and own a few tools. You can always take your bike to a shop for assistance with the conversion kit, but this is going to increase the cost of conversion. With a pre-built electric bike, no mechanical work is required, so this is a far more convenient option for most people.

2. Safety

When you buy a pre-built electric bike, you can count on it having been tested thoroughly to ensure all safety regulations are passed. You should also be provided with strong warranty coverage. Unfortunately, the same isn't true with conversion kits. Errors made while converting your bike may impact its safety. Additionally, traditional bikes will generally lack the specific chains and other parts designed to handle the increased strain of electric power. As such, they may not be as reliable.

3. Appearance

While the way your bike looks is probably not going to be your main concern, it's still worth thinking about. Pre-built electric bikes generally look much better since all cables will be concealed and the frame itself will be designed around the motor and other parts. Cables are likely to be exposed on a conversion kit, and the finished bike may have a slightly slapdash appearance.

4. Performance

Finally, it's well worth thinking about the performance differences between a pre-built electric bike and a converted bike. A converted bike generally won't feel as smooth or run as efficiently since it won't have parts like the motor and battery seamlessly incorporated into the design. Additionally, traditional bikes will not have been designed to take the forces applied through a conversion kit, so a pre-build will usually offer superior balance and handling.

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