Is It Time for New Tyres for Your Motorcycle?

Tyres make all the difference when it comes to the performance and riding experience of your motorcycle. And while they are usually made to last, they will wear out or pick up a few faulty issues down the line. How fast your tyres wear will depend on things such as the suspension setup, your riding style, and the tyre pressure. Riding on worn-out or damaged tyres can be quite dangerous, which is why it's crucial to know when your tyres call for replacement. With that in mind, here are some tell-tale signs that it's time to get your motorcycle a new set of tyres.

General Tread Wear

Regular inspection of your tyres is essential because it helps you monitor the amount of tread wear. Typically, most motorcycle tyres have a treadwear indicator, which is a mark on the tyres' sidewall showing the level of tread wear, after which you shouldn't use them anymore. If your tyres are worn past this mark, replace them immediately.

Uneven Tread Wear Patterns

Your tyres should wear evenly. However, this isn't always the case, and it's often due to mechanical issues with the motorcycle. Generally, incorrect tyre pressure, unbalanced tyres, suspension issues and worn or damaged shock absorbers are the main culprits behind uneven treadwear patterns. Low tyre pressure will cause bald spots on your tyres' outer edges, which carry the weight when you make turns. On the other hand, your tyres' contact patch shrinks when the tyre pressure is too high, forcing the centre of tyres to carry all the motorcycle weight. Therefore, if you notice more wear in the middle of the tyres, it's likely due to high tyre pressure. Considering all that, it's always crucial to inflate your tyres with the correct amount of pressure.

If you notice increased wear along the tread's length, typically called scalping or cupping, it's often due to suspension problems. The suspension parts may be loose, or the set-up may be incorrect. Unbalanced tyres and worn shock absorbers are also culprits here. Whatever the cause is, have it fixed first before replacing the tyres. Riding with cupped tyres can be dangerous because they affect the stability and handling of the motorcycle.

Punctures and Cuts

Regular checks will also point you towards defects such as cracks, cuts or punctures in the tyres that would warrant a replacement. Sidewall bulges are also other issues you should be keen to notice. Generally, sidewall bulges result from aggressive riding styles, especially when riding over kerbs and speed bumps.