3 Reasons to Install Variable Speed Marine Generators

Installing a generator on your boat gives you access to a useful power supply. However, you do need to make sure that you pick the right model for your boat and your consumption needs. While fixed speed generators are an option, you should also look at generators with a variable speed system. These generators don't operate at a single speed, they vary their power usage. What are the advantages of using variable speed power on your boat?

1. More Efficient Fuel Consumption

If you use a fixed speed generator, then the machine needs to use more power to keep running. Once it reaches its optimum running speed for its load, it stays at that level. While effective, this system can use a lot of fuel. The generator might need to run at high speed even when you aren't using something that draws on much power.

If you install a generator with variable speeds, then you're likely to spend less on fuel and running costs. The machine automatically adjusts the power it needs to run based on its current electrical load. You use less fuel. For example, if you use the generator to run air conditioning, then it might need to cycle high to get your air-con up and running. However, at that point, it can cycle down when it needs to deliver less power. A fixed speed generator might not be able to do this. So, variable speed is more economical.

2. Fewer Maintenance Problems

If you run a fixed speed generator all the time, then the system might struggle to cope. If it has to run at full capacity, it might get hotter than it should. It might start to suffer from damage. It might also put undue stress on your engine, which could then need more maintenance or repair work.

A variable speed generator works more smartly. It can control its operating power according to the systems or items you connect to it at any given time. This ability to idle down reduces heat and stress. So, the unit should work more smoothly for longer.

3. Less Operating Noise

One of the downsides of adding an independent generator to your boat is noise. When you're using the machine, it creates additional noise. This could make your whole sailing experience less pleasant.

While modern generators work to reduce noise, they can't completely eliminate it. If you're running a generator at a fixed speed, then you will hear it more. If your generator uses variable speeds, then it has periods when it is quieter and less intrusive.

To find out more, talk to your marine equipment supplier. They can talk you through available variable speed units such as Kohler generators.